Falling With Style

MommyO, showing the kids, how to
'Fall With Style'.

See, it happens??

Falling is okay.
It can happen to all of us.

(psst- so what if i didn't plan on this
being a lesson??)

ps- Good job DaddyO, for catchin' this moment on film!


We all fall in life. Some of us do it with a little more pizzazz than others. May your butt not be the brunt of your teachings for too many of life's lessons and may your children become better skaters than you.

TheFitHousewife said…
HEHEHE...that is too funny! Hope you are staying warm :)
such a good mommy to take one for the team! lol
love that outdoor rink! my dad used to make us one when we are little.
CanadianMama said…
You know you've been married for a while when the hub takes your pic instead of helping you up hey!
Rebecca said…
I'm so stinking sick of snow and ice and COLD.......I could handle the snow and ice if it didn't have to be on the roads, sidewalks and didn't have to actually be COLD!
Unknown said…
Love your title, and hey, you have to grab those "teachable moments".
starnes family said…
Love that this was caught on film!

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