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Hey y''s Tell Me Tuesday time! It has definitely been awhile, but CanadianMama is ready to play again (she has settled into life with baby#2 now). We have missed her!

Okay, this week Rebecca of Just Another Blog left me a question asking why the heck Calgary is known as "Cowtown"?   I know i throw the term around half-hazardly in this blog, but i have not ever really explained it.  So here goes...

Calgary is lovingly referred to as "Cowtown", because it is a nod to our beef-cattle industry. Ranching is at the heart of this city, hosting the Stampede (the World's largest rodeo payout!) yearly-- and if you are one of Calgary's 'special' visitors (dignitary/musician), you will be greeted at the airport with a gorgeous White Stetson hat! We like to think of ourselves as the Cowboys of the West (i know, Cowboys in Canada??), but we really aren't donning our hats all that much these days.

So, how about you?

Where you live, does your city/town have a nickname?
Why or how did it acquire that nickname?

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I live in San Francisco and people who live here do not like to hear it called "Frisco". No one from here calls it "Frisco".
I live in Yellowknife aka YK or The Knife.
Katy Turner said…
I live in Bracknell... widely referred to as Cracknell... in reference to the fact we live in the part of the UK known for being the home of royalty and aristocrats, however the town we are in is not quite as posh as the rest of the area and all posh people here seem to believe non-posh people are recreational drug users of crack cocaine... hense the 'crack' in Cracknell.

Hope that makes sense - bit rushed - not a nice nickname but no nicknames in the UK are nice... they are only ever given as an insult! What a lovely nation we are!

Katy x
CanadianMama said…
Well, the city I grew up in is often referred to as "airhole" haha!
Melani said…
I live in Camarillo and well it doesn't have a nickname, at least that I know of...hahah funny to read the comments above.
Rebecca said…
I live very near St Louis and some marketing team got together and thought it would be a great idea to call this city "The Lou". Pronounced (sort of a french word) in what the french call the bathroom......They are obviously very smart. (The marketing team)

And Wow! Thanks for the mention!

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