Wordless Wednesday

We're still pretty terrible at skating...nuff said.


CanadianMama said…
But you are happy bunch of terrible skaters!!
love that outdoor rink, and those pink laces!
Skating in a chair. Now why didn't I think of that?!
Love the pic. Every time Dex tries to get up off the ice, his mittens stick to the ice and rip off! Your pic has reminded me to use ski-mittens! Thanks!
Dee said…
Hilarious - what a great moment to catch on film!
Awww, that's okay. They're still cute! Love, love, love this picture!
Steadfast Ahoy! said…
Are Beebo's skates too big??? Maybe it's the bright pink laces that give the impression of being longer than they really are. Perhaps that is why she is having a hard time. Just wondering. I miss our outdoor rinks. Your's is certainly lasting a good long time.
SamiJoe said…
I wish i could say they are too big! No-- honestly, she fell the first time out and now won't even try. Take her out- put on the skates and she starts bawling! Yep, not going well....

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