Sunday In My City~ Favourite Holiday Moments Revisited

DaddyO and I watching the Full Moon Eclipse.
(aka- freezing our arses off in the snow)

Some treats i received at our Winter Party...

Flying to see family in Ontario.

Dude can sleep just about anywhere.
It's his favourite thing to do.

New Years Eve turkey i made.
It was soooo yummy!~

Xman turned 3 years old!
My baby!  (boo hoo)

I asked G'ma Roe to make the kids capes for Christmas
since her sewing skills far exceed my own...
Boy was i happy to have outsourced this project.
LOOK how gorgeous Beebo's turned out!

And G'ma Roe even got crafty for me!
See my new hat?

Naw, just's my awesome new tea cozy!

Unknown Mami

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Have a Great Week Everyone!


I'm glad you had such a wonderful time!
Marla said…
Looks like you had a really fun time. Thanks for sharing this.

Happy New Year!
Awesome holiday from the looks of it!
Tara R. said…
Wow! That is a spectacular cape. Nicely done.
Rebecca said…
The sleeping baby.....precious!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Happy Birthday Gman!

Looks like you guys have been having fun. LOVE the capes and thanks for the idea. I know a little princess that would love one too! I'll crank up the sewing machine soon and make her one. Thanks for the idea.

Cheers, jj
qandlequeen said…
I want a cape!!!! How incredibly cool. My youngest wore his batman halloween cape for an entire year. That thing was a thread when he was done with it.
ha! I still think you should wear it as a hat!! that made me laugh out loud! the cape is Gorgeous! you'll never find something like that in a store, g'ma has talent!
I would happily rock a cape and sunflower tea cozy combo.
tattytiara said…
Every kid should have a cape. That is extremely awesome.
Unknown said…
Great pictures, Sami. Beebo looks so cute in pink! and you of course are AMAZING in sunflowers :)
Mrs. M said…
Great pictures LOVE the hat! :) When you said you were watching Full Moon Eclipse I thought you meant a Twilight movie at first and I was wondering why you were outside!! :)
Sonya said…
Aww those are great photos! Im so loving that hat:P

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