Signature "Issues"

I am having issues with MyLiveSignature signature.
The problem is, it is not showing up.

(It should be appearing at the top of this post??)

often appears only a an 'X'.

I'd love some suggestions on how i can make a signature on my own?
Please point me in the direction of great sites for making a signature, if you know of any.

Thank You in Advance.

*Who wants to bet my signature appears both times in this post, as it should?? Sometimes i just need to proclaim the problem out loud for things to fix themselves!*


CanadianMama said…
Sorry no luck there (I'm internet stupid) but I tagged you in a Meme. Check it out - looking forward to hearing your answers!!
Most of the time I have no idea what's going on in blogosphere. So I don't know what you are talking about. I think I don't know anyway but..... I can see SamiJoe written twice on this post in a fancy brown scroll.

So if that's what you are talking about then I'm telling you I can see it.

I'll stop talking now.....
Rebecca said…
I think it's up there on my computer. Maybe it's your browser?
Unknown said…
I've had all those same problems too. Right now, it seems to be working for me, after I somehow lost it altogether and had to reinstall it. I have no answers for you, except, sometimes, it does appear as an "X" in the compose mode and then appears as it should on the published post. Who knows?
Sandra said…
Yup, it fixed itself! It's like the signature knows you're pissed at it!

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