New Astrological Sign??

Life as we know it has forever changed!

I'm not an Aries anymore???
Like, wth??

I'm totally an Aries,
(not that i much believe in all the mumbo-jumbo),
as anyone who knows me,
will tell you.

Aries and me, are like peanut butter & jelly.

And for real,
only a true Aries would have the
audacity to claim
scientific, mumbo-jumbo,
as false.

I mean, i don't even know how to say Ophiuchus??

(Maybe O-fee-uck-us??)

Check out the link right HERE.

You may not be what you thought you were, anymore.

Everything is different.

Some people just may not get over this.

I'm a Pisces now?
What is that, a fish??



Mrs. M said…
It says I'm a Libra instead of a Scorpio!! I like my Scorpian roots. :)
Rebecca said…
What on earth is a Vergo? I am NOT a vergo!
Pamela said…
WTH!!!! They are taking away my Capricorn!! I do not buy this I am SO a capricorn.

They are trying to pass me off as a Sagittarius now.

I am a Virgo now. This explains everything.

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