Tinkerbell & The Great Fairy Rescue- Out in Stores Today!

Do you have a little girl in your life who adores fairies??

Tinkerbell & The Great Fairy Rescue has been released on DVD/Blu-Ray today!

Just in time for some early Christmas shopping...

If you're in Canada,
i have a coupon for you!!

Save $10, off the purchase of a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo pack!


Pamela said…
I don't have a little girl who loves fairies...BUT for some strange reason my son wants this movie REALLY BAD. He tells me this everytime the commercial comes on. I am not sure if I should be embarassed or proud. LOL
Pamela said…
ps. Thanks for the coupon :)
Unknown said…
Well, not matter Pamela--
to whomever it is good for!!

Your son would get on fab with my daughter! LOL

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