Sunday In My City~ Yard Work in Colour

Unknown Mami

In the words of Unknown Mami (our lovely host):
"I showed you mine,
will you show me yours?"



Fall is showing its true colors :) Looks like you've got a pile of wood started!

Kristin - The Goat
via SIMC
You just shot the romantic side of fall.
Pamela said…
I love FALL pictures!!! They are GREAT!!
Amy DM said…
Great photos. The red leaves and berries were my favorite.
Sonya said…
My goodness you have some beautiful colors going on there!! Fall provides a colorful feast for the eyes!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Hey SamiJoe, It looks like Fall is really coming into its own in your area. The colors are so gorgeous-- I can almost smell the fresh, crisp air.
Happy SIMC, jj
So much color.. beautiful!
This Mom said…
These are gorgeous! I dread winter, but we are lucky to enjoy the change of seasons like this.

I just found you through Canadian Mom Blogger's Blogroll, and I am your newest follower. It's always nice to find a fellow Canadian blogger!

Kate @ This Mom Loves
Tara said…
Such rich fall colors! You captured them so beautifully!
You make me want to come for a visit.
Maria said…
Exquisite picture. I enjoyed them. Happy SIMC
Unknown said…
I think these are best photos you've ever posted.....lovely!
Unknown said…
Thanks Rosemary!

I fully agree. Fall pictures are really the best!

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