Dinner Ideas??

What to have for dinner??

Geesh, this again??

Ideas Anyone??

(Click on the above link more than once, if you don't like the first option...)


Pamela said…
I am glad to know I am not the only one out there that has this delima/problem on a regular basis lately. I am sorry I am no help.
Stacie said…
LOL I go through this every day!
Stacie said…
LOL I go through this every day!
Matty said…
I remember as a kid, my mom had dinners planned for the entire week. She would go to the grocery store and buy what she needed, and for any given day ahead, she could tell you what we were having. Of course, that was her and that was a different era.

Nowadays, it's no different here than for you. It's always "what are we having tonight", and everyone just sort of looks at each other. LOL
Unknown said…
Cook books with pictures are my best bet. Current favorite is
Jamie Oliver's "Food". Last night we did the Pot Roast meat loaf with garbango beans and tomatoe sauce. Everyone loved it. Another fav from the same book is Salmon en Crote. I do that one when Megan comes, cause she doesn't do red meat.
Not to totally discourage you, just wait til you've been at this for 36 years and counting...it never gets easier.
Unknown said…
Did anyone actually click on the link??

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