What Can You Do?? A Green Event~ September 18-26th, 2010

Next week, the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup takes place (brought to you by Loblaws).
So come on Canada, get out and help!

Big lake, small lake, river, pond, stream, creek or OCEAN!
Take a walk and help clean its shoreline...

go green

I dare you!


What a fantastic post!! And thank you for using our cute Green Button, perfect place for it.

From one Canadian to another who can't stand litter blowing around and messing up our beautiful waterways..

Thank You!!
Heather said…
Hey Sam, that picture looks like Newfoundland. Is it?
Unknown said…
Sure is, Heather!

Though, i did not take it...
Unknown said…
Boaters are the best and the worst of shoreline protectors. This weekend, Buz and I will be on the beach to clean up our own little strip of shoreline. And, at the same time, collecting some beach glass!


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