Summer is done...
and Today we embrace the new school year.
(last year of preschool before Kindergarten for Beebo)

I have been super busy these last few weeks,
but will be back at 'er blogging shortly!

Wishin' all kiddos a great first week at school!
(and to all the Mommies, tear-free dropoffs!)

Welcome September!


starnes family said…
You, too! Here's to a great school year!
TheFitHousewife said…
I may just shed a few tears tomorrow as I'll have 2 boys in preschool! I guess I better enjoy it before the real deal starts next year!
Preschool starts next week for my son. One more year and then it's kindergarten!
Rebecca said…
We had our first day of school (kindergarten and preschool a double dose of mom pain) back in July (we have year around school and are already getting ready for our first 2 week cycle break week?). Anyway, it took every ounce of mommy power I could possibly muster to keep from letting the water works flow at parent drop off....same for pick up!
Melani said…
Serena had her first day of school with no tears, me too! But then when I picked her up it started, but she has been fine since. I dunno, I think I need the break. She never did go to pre-school, so this is a great break for us both.

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