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Lots of us like to live in our little *ideal* worlds where we want to believe that nothing can take us down.  We dream of living forever... of making more money and of having more time to do the things we love.  Foolish things, really.

In my life lately, i seem to know a lot of individuals with Leukemia.  And my heart aches for these families, called to action by an unknown force.  I have seen such strength exhibited;  strength that i question in my own self.  I cannot even think of these people without tears welling up in my eyes... i often wonder, how the heck they even manage to get through their day?

I guess, what saddens me most is that i am away from them.  These people do not live near me.  I cannot offer the hugs needed, or even, to cook them a meal.  Pitying myself, or the ability i lack to help in the ways i would is useless.  Especially, if what is truly needed is bone marrow...

This is my friend Sonja.  Her husband Richard, is fighting his 2nd bout of Leukemia. (Their highlighted names include links to their blogs.)  Their two boys are the exact same ages as my kiddos are.  They are great, super awesome people-- always willing to lend a hand.  AND i know, most certainly, if the shoe was on the other foot, they'd have my back.

So- thinking forward and with positive thoughts, i am offering up a link that is worth checking out!

If you are not currently on a donor registry, that is okay. 
 BUT- will you at least take this opportunity to see if you could help?? 

Maybe you will not be able to help Richard, but you might be able to help another person in need!
(The donor registry works worldwide--so you can help from just about anywhere!) 

Doesn't sound that hard, right??

In fact, it is THIS easy...

1. Follow the link.

2. Click 'join'.

3. Fill in the online form.

4. Someone will call you to verify that you signed up and will perhaps ask you a couple questions.

5. They will mail you swabs for your mouth.

6. When the swabs arrive, you spend 2 minutes swabbing your mouth.

7. Put the swabs in the envelope provided and stick it in a mailbox.

Don't live in Canada??
Find your Country link below!

*For all my USA friends:
US Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Network

*For all my UK friends:
UK Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Network

*For all other countries:
Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Donor Network Listing

No matter where you live;
 whether it is for Richard,
 or someone else in your life,
 you can help!

Join in the fight!


starnes family said…
Good work, SamiJoe! I'm not a Canadian, but am a huge believer in tissue/organ donation. My sister might eventually need a kidney and/or lungs. Everyone is capable of giving!
Thanks so much Sami!

The bone marrow search for Richard is world wide, so anyone can help!
CanadianMama said…
Oh wow, this is amazing. I've never heard of this but I will be sure to link to my blog (can't donate when I'm pregnant)!
Unknown said…
Well, the test is easy. It's when they want to suck it out of you that hurts. I guess the temporary pain of donation is worth what it costs compared to watching a loved one suffer without it. I'm in. Thanks for the cue.
It's mostly stem cells now, so you're hooked up to a machine much like giving blood. It's hooked up to your arm.

A lot easier and less painful than being put out and having the marrow taken from your hip!

So, it's even easier than before!
StarTraci said…
Thank you Sami Joe for sharing this, especially for taking the time to research the information for us non-Canadians.

Your friend will be in my prayers.

All my best,
(formerly 38traci)

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