Wordless Wednesday

Okay, a few words... taking in some sunshine and fresh air...

Two kids- fevers.for.days! - NO other symptoms??

One perplexed Mommy, with no really good reasons to take them to the doctor.

I am not a 'rush to the doctor type'- in fact, these kiddos have NEVER been to the doc when ill and have never needed antibiotics. Rest, fluids, and more rest work many wonders.


They are both sleeping well (except when feverish) and eating just fine.

What would you do?? We're nearing 5 days- at what point is it all too much??


Deal Queen said…
mild fever or serious fever?
Unknown said…
It's not low grade...but not excessively high. No one is complaining of hurting ears either.
The 'odd' fever spikes a bit high, but none of the fevers have been hard to break.
There is a nasty strain of Norwalk going around--but i don't think it's that. I also know a few other kids who all have similar fever issues with no other symptoms. Just waiting for a sign!
Nancy C said…
Hate this. Been there. I'm guessing a virus that you'll just have to wait out.
Unknown said…
Yep, and with a virus there is NADA to do.
I am thankful to not be cleaning up vomit however, LOL!~
Simply Mel said…
Good thing it isn't serious...they just need rest, fluids and TLC. If fever continues past 7 days then I would take them to the doctor.

Enjoy the sunshine! :)
Mrs. M said…
Yeah, I might let it go another day or two and then call the md. My kids have both gotten fevers and had them for a while without other symptoms developing - and yes it is perplexing! They must just be winning a battle with some germ of some sort!
Deal Queen said…
After 7 days have it checked. Sadly I have seen some pretty serious stuff related to chronic immune conditions express itself with mild long term fevers. But otherwise just assume a virus and enjoy the sunshine!
I tend to only take the kids to the doctor for a yearly check up or if they appear to have an ear infection (acting a little crazy, tugging on the ear, waking in pain, spinning in circles on their butt on the floor all squirmy like). Otherwise, a fever is them just fighting something off.
Hope the kiddos are feeling better, you are doing the right thing lots of TLC! Have a great day!
Matty said…
I wouldn't wait longer than a week. Then I would call the doc. How are they doing now?

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