Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

Are you the spoon-er??


Are you the spoon-ee??

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sometimes both.....but mostly no spooning for very long.
Unknown said…
I love this post!!

I'm single.... so, I guess that just makes me the "spoon". LOL ;)
Copyboy said…
Back in the 90s I was a rabid spooner. Not so much anymore.
D'Anna said…
Spooner! Can't sleep w/out a little!
Lee Ann said…
I am spooned, so does that make me the spoonee?
Matty said…
I've never heard of spooning being called the gateway hug before. I guess I'm both sometimes.
Unknown said…
Well Matty, when i actually googled 'spooning' was much more graphic than i had first anticipated!
Mrs. M said…
Not much of spoon person myself. :)

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