Green-Thumbing It!

I am a fabulous gardener very interested in plants and have been trying hard to be successful. Mother Nature and i do not always get along, but we try to compromise and she doesn't always kill my favourites... like this one!

Oxalis~ better known as the Shamrock. My attempt at some St.Paddy's Day couture.

Remember this plant?? Mr. FigTree. Mr.DropAllMyLeavesANDLookHorridForMonthsFigTree!

I've been patient. I have not over-watered. I have not under-watered. I have NOT moved him. People have told me they are VERY fussy and I have been understanding... LOOK he's coming alive!! YAY!!

Starting some tomatoes...

Rosebuds ready to go!

A bit of Ivy...

and some Jade.

One DEAD Yucca... with new growth. Awesome! People have been wondering why i had a stick in a pot for ages??

This plant was started from one leaf...

No idea what this one is called, but it has new growth as well!

And this hanging basket is doing so well, that i had to move it. My kitty-kat liked to swing on it. MommyO did NOT like that.

Do you have a Green-Thumb??

Anyone have a Greenhouse?? I do...but it needs some refining. Last year it was much much too hot! And i have deer issues for my outside garden--but just perhaps, i'll be their issue this year?? I hear a rifle might work.

I am a little excited to get on with things--putting in the seed order today! All tips welcome!Won't be too much longer....


Unknown said…
I alway rush it. In Ontario we are supposed to wait "until all chance of frost is gone." I guess that goes without saying, but then, sometimes it's so hard to wait. Great pics of the plants. If it had been me, I would have tossed that Fig Tree, but you hung in there with good results. Way to go:)
Unknown said…
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Traci said…
I'm starting our garden over Spring Break. I hope I get off to as good of a start as you!
Unknown said…
I wish i could be getting some seeds into the ground, but i have to wait much longer than that. Usually first of JUNE!!
Last year i planted at the beginning of June and still had 5 more frosts!!
This year i am very determined!
Sonya said…
Those look great! I need to have hardy plants or I have problems. If they come with to many instructions they are did within a house is covered in plants though..but thats another dutch must have..plants..and everywhere.

I WISH I had a green house. Instead I have to do container gardening because I have no dirt to plant. Thats ok though because I can still grow cucmber,bell peppers,chilis,egg plant and tomatoes. I wish I could plant now but we still have frost outside.
I used to! I love plants and flowers but they need sun and Bremen lacks that.

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