Sundays In My City~Out with the Old, In with the New

There was actually nothing wrong with this light fixture (green and white one). It will be repurposed in a different room, where there IS room for it to hang above our heads. DaddyO is 6'6 and i am 5'9... this light had more encounters with the noggins than one would like!

Makin' my men work! Required a team effort. Xman pointed and said, "Oh" a lot!

The new stained glass fixture up; much closer to the ceiling than before. Our heads will thank us later.

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Unknown Mami


Marla said…
Love the new fixture!
Anonymous said…
pretty light fixture.
Sonya said…
Aaahh thats beautiful!!! gosh I thought my 6 foot 4 inch tall husband was really up there..but yours takes the cake! lol I'm a shorty at 5'6.
Lee Ann said…
Ooh that is lovely! x
Julie said…
These new light fittings are very beautiful. Are they what are known as art-deco? I like that style from the 1930s very much. I wish I had the problem of hitting my head on light fittings. But I guess at 5'1" that is not going to happen any time soon!
Joanna Jenkins said…
You guys could be on one of those Do It Yourself HGTV shows! Great job hanging your GORGEOUS new fixture!

Have a fun week,
Anonymous said…
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Matty said…
I like that new light fixture. Very colorful. No more head banging, unless it is self induced of course.
Hopping over from Friday Follows.

Love the stained glass - should stay in style forever, too.

I hope you follow back - nice to meet you!

Love it stained glass is my favorite. Have a wonderful Monday!
I really like the new one, especially lit up.
Anonymous said…
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