This week has seemed rather long, as far as weeks go...

We've been slightly cooped up with neverending fevers; trying to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of early spring on our faces, hidden beneath blankets on the porch. We are not a family who falls ill often, so when it is our time (or the kiddos), i am reminded how truly lucky we are!

On the 6th day, the fevers changed to coughs...and for Xman, an Ear Infection. I had been leaning towards that verdict for at least a day, but still had no solid symptoms to worry more. This day, he had a terrible-no-good-very-bad nap. Like, a *45minute- wakes screaming as if daggers are stabbing him*- kind of nap. Very unusual for the little man. Dealing with him after this was not fun, to say the least... and at dinner, when i sat down and took a really good look at him, i thought:
"Geez, he looks like total cr*p!"

He was feverish again (ugh), so he had a quick bath and some Tylenol and was off to bed.

Knowing what i know about E.I's, i figured if that is what it is, we'd be hearing from him soon. Yep... MommyO was right. Too bad. Xman woke screaming three times in 2hrs, was sitting up and would not calm without assistance (i'm very out of practice with this, my kiddos are pretty self reliant in this respect). When asked 'what hurts?', Xman pointed to his ears.

Living rurally smacks you in the eye from time to time. I guess it really makes us think about our decisions more, because it just isn't so easy to get up and go. It's night time...do you a)get him up, drag him to the hospital, and potentially ruin a whole night? Or b) try to at least deal with it till morning, when it can be dealt with sanely, at a sane hour?

Insert Jodi, and our answer...

We took some freshly squeezed garlic oil capsules (can you believe i was out of fresh garlic?) and mixed it with a dab of organic extra virgin olive oil. Using a Qtip, we coated his inner ear up. Sidenote: Xman did NOT enjoy this. Then, we left him and he went back to sleep.

Now, the skeptic in me said: "We'll see." Thinking i'd for sure see Xman one more time this night, needing another dose of the garlic/olive oil and some Tylenol. You know what? I heard nothing for the rest of the night- except for one peep- that i'll admit until i heard that, i was trying to figure out if it was possible to kill something other than vampires with garlic/olive oil?

I am impressed with this all-natural remedy. The good thing about it is that even if he doesn't have an E.I (we're still undiagnosed), this concoction will not harm a healthy ear. We're not 'out of the woods' yet, but so far, i have a much happier little boy and we're fever-less.

*Let me take you back to yesterday for a quick moment and may i just say- DARN. Now i'll have to endure Ashley's cracked psyche, on a trip around the world with the kidnapped bub. I just want the story to end-ugh!*

*PS~ I am not a doctor. My own opinion does not count as qualified medical advice.*


Unknown said…
So sorry to hear about your little XMan... poor little thing. Hope he is feeling better real soon.

Hope all of you are on the mend.
Have a great weekend!!
starnes family said…
Sorry to hear about the illness. And, thank you for the disclaimer at the end. :)
Matty said…
Well I sure hope you all start feeling better soon. Old man winter and his bugs need to head on outta town. Now I have to remember this little home remedy tip. Thanks.
I clicked over from Friday Follow. Thanks for sharing the great tip, I'll remember it next time we are hit with an ear infection in the wee small hours of the morning cause that's when they always seem to come :)

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Sonya said…
Wow I never would of thought to try something like that..Im so glad it worked! My two have colds again..Im so ready for warmer weather. This cold season is really hanging on.

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