Some VERY Important Info!

Sheri, over at This Bird's Day posted some VERY important info on her blog today. And now, i am passing her along to you...

Save me writing it all out again, pop over and read it for yourself!

It applies to all Canadians (those short, pesky ones that call us Momma!)
and just may save a life.

No seriously.
Seriously important...And seriously free.
(But let's hope that none of us have to use it!)


Lee Ann said…
I love this idea, I am on eof those Mum's that would probably micro chip my kids if I could, seems to make sense to me. If they are missing just use a GPS or similar to find them!

Unfortunately I don't think we have anything like that here, maybe I could get Murray to bring it all home from work and we could make a DIY one :)

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