Come ON Spring!

I know the old saying is,

"In like a lion, out like a lamb."

But, it would appear ours is backward; a chinook has blown into town!
This weekend was really nice weather.

Does that mean we'll end the month with a wicked snowstorm???

Goodness...i hope not! I am so excited for spring to come i can barely contain myself!! Last year my greenhouse was not the huge success i had hoped (though i can grow a mean zucchini!), so i am doubly excited to get started this year!!

Now, if only Mother Nature would be on my side for a bit....


I hope the Betch Mother nature is not playing a joke on us....I really need and want Spring! The snow is gone, birds are chirping I see some buds a popping.
Matty said…
Is there anyone not ready for spring? Where is it?
Lynn said…
No lions!!!
Marla said…
I am right there with you!
Helen McGinn said…
We've had lots of sunshine but it's still COLD! Brrrrr. Come on, spring! xx
Mrs. M said…
I am so ready for spring, but we had a pretty mild winter so I can't complain too much! Last year we were getting snow as late as March and maybe even April! Crazy!!
JennyMac said…
It actually snowed in Atlanta yesterday. ALL day. People were terrified but it will be 65 here this weekend!!!

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