Wordless Wednesday

Can we say, "Cake Train Wreck"??

I have made some good cakes over the years (a monkey, a ladybug, a panda bear, a truck), but this one TAKES THE CAKE...so to speak.

The cake was too moist (i should have froze it before i began icing) and i chose the wrong cake-decorator tip.

Some things are only fully realized, once it is too late.

BTW, it is a Castle...if you were not able to tell.

Happy St.Paddy's Day too!


Efka said…
But cake is looking great
I'm sure it taste good and thats all that really matters!
I think it's cute! I'm sure everyone enjoyed eating it.
Unknown said…
Yes, it still did taste good...and Beebo loved it!
I was the only one who was disappointed.

OH WELL--can't win 'em all!
Hattie said…
Hey you get an A for trying! I stink at making cakes! I bet they still ate it and loved it no matter what it looked like!!!
Marla said…
I like it. It's sweet!
D'Anna said…
What are you TALKING about, girl?!?! It looks GREAT! Good job!
Lee Ann said…
I think it looks awesome! I would have posted pics and been proud! Yummy x
Heather said…
I think the cake looks great (and yummy)! you did a good job!
Sonya said…
Wow I think it looks great..seriously! u need to come over and teach me some tricks!
I think it looks like a really fun cake! Looks delicious too!

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