This is the sandwich that my kids created today.
I'll admit, we were out of 'regular' bread.

I present:

Raisin bread toasted with ham, egg and cheese!

With a healthy dose of ketchup too, don't forget!

I abstained from this sandwich creation. I wasn't really up for the raisins.

The kids ate. every. last bite!!

So, in the end, who really cares at all whether it is 'good tasting' or not??

They ate it.

Meat, check!

Bread/Grains, check!

Dairy, check!

Protein, check!

Fruit?, Check!!

At least today's creation wasn't Ham n' Jam... my little monkeys LOVE Ham n' Jam!!

What oddly combined sandwich creations do your kiddos like?

Or even, your own wacky sandwich combo?



Heather said…
My little brother used to have blueberry jam and cheddar cheese sandwiches. I never understood...
legend_018 said…
my kids are too picky and recently started liking peanutbutter and marshmellow LOL

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