Keeping a Secret!

Midweek, the kids and i were out getting a few things from our local Costco (there's nothing local about it actually).

Enter~ "Christmas Experiment #1"

DaddyO has been hinting that he'd like a remote controlled car for Christmas. Get real, who am i kidding? DaddyO asks for one every year... anyways, we stroll past a nice set (with two cars!!) in Costco. It even came with batteries--a nice perk for a few hours of usage, while our rechargeables-charge up!

Pick up remote controlled car and place in cart.


"Is that for us?" screams Beebo.

"Nope, it's for Daddy, for Christmas"

"Oh." says a slightly saddened Beebo.

"Yes, it's a gift for Daddy! But we'll have to not tell him about it, so that he'll be surprised on Christmas Day!"

I'm thinking to myself, this is sooooo not going to go well... but put it out of my head as a slight challenge to Beebo, to see if she could indeed not tell him?

That was Wednesday.

This morning, Saturday, Beebo awoke to see DaddyO! He had been away for most of the week, arriving home late after their bedtime on Friday. First words out of her mouth,

"Daddy, i have something i'm not supposed to tell you about Christmas. It's a car."

DaddyO's ears were listening and i got the look.

Ugh. I knew she couldn't do it! But for the record, i couldn't either and out they came.

I applaude her 'truth' telling of course. At least she's understood that 'chat'. But as for her being 'in on' any more Christmas presents, that won't be happening. LOL

Oh and one more thing--BOY does Xman love the remote control action! He's been zipping around chasing the car all day! Hehehe.



Tara said…

That's awesome.
CanadianMama said…
I love the whole "nothing local about it" hahahahaha! So cute, I'm glad the kids, er, I eman dad loves his pressie!!

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