How long do you wait?

Okay, i'm secretly dying here.....i really want to put up the Christmas tree!!!

But, two things are holding me back.

First, last year we had up the fake tree in the playroom all decorated with stuffed animals. We seriously have so many stuffed toys, we were quite capable of filling a tree. It actually looked pretty neat and i was excited for the kids to have their own tree to enjoy! Well, that lasted maybe 6 days tops!! The kids did a dandy job making sure those bottom branches would never look quite right again, and i ripped it down in a big ol' hissy fit to save it from any further damage. Well, after a year in a box, it's done. Kaput!

Note to self: Go Boxing Day shopping this year and purchase a new, cheap, fake tree.

Secondly, i always prefer a 'real' tree (above). So, to have a real tree, i must wait at least until the beginning of December. But that is still....oh, um...1 week away!

I really, really love the tree part. I can easily admire a tree for 6weeks. I'd NEVER be able to put it up on Christmas Eve!

How long do you wait? Do you have 'rules' on when the tree goes up in your family??
Real or fake?


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i prefer a real tree but with the cost of a purchased tree up here being over a hundred bucks for somethine not even as nice as a Charlie Brown tree it's just not worth it. And to go out and cut one down? not gonna happen! Trees have a hard enough time in the Sub-Arctic I don't have to go cutting down the nice ones just for a few weeks at Christmas!

That said, we have a small fake tree. Comes pre-lit so no need to fuss with getting lights set! It's cute and I LOVE it! We decorate it with some Christmas Robots and our Christmas Bat (yeah yeah, odd I know, but it's a tradition!) and we've got some silk ornaments that we bought on our trip to Asia. And most importantly we put on the decorations that have been around for a loooong time or are sentimental to us! (decorations that were made by some little ones last year and sent up here, decorations that were ours as children and anything leif wants to put on the tree as well).

As for when we put up the tree...with Leif's birthday falling a few days before Christmas we have since decided that no decorating (save outdoor lights) will happen until the day after his birthday. This means that we only get decorations for a few days but that's plenty for me.

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE Christmas and I LOVE the feeling of it all but i get tired of it all. I'm not one of those who would put up my tree now even if we didn't have our little guy's birthday in December. I'm not the type to leave my tree up until well after the New Year. It'll probably last until after New Year's but not long after...maybe the second? and that may even be pushing it...

How's that for a response?!

Unknown said…
Totally makes sense Elsbeth! Little L needs to feel like it's his bday!! We have the opposite issue here--X's bday is the 3rd of January. So i'd like to have all Xmas stuff down before that.

I'm just getting excited i think this year---the kiddos are bigger and will understand Xmas alot more! So, i'm getting ahead of myself! LOL

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