Happy Thanksgiving USA!

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To all my American friends and family, i sincerely wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!

Enjoy the turkey and trimmings, the football and the pumpkin pie!

Plus, the Macy's parade is just a great way to kick off the holiday season! We love those balloons!

Take care to anyone braving the 'Black Friday' deals! Don't lose an eye fighting for the latest Bakugan, OR (in my day) Cabbage Patch Kid!

Gobble Gobble

*peek here to see Canadian Thanksgiving*


psst! i know this great lady who needs your vote! check out her slowcooker recipe!! it's super yummy!! if she wins this contest, she'll finally have her long awaited dishwasher! yep, that's what i said! help her poor dishpan hands!! Go Vote! (seems the voting is down until monday for maintenance)


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