WOW! I truly blow through jeans these days!

I mean, i don't mind having holes in the knees...but that's kinda my cut-off for a new pair. A pair of jeans that are holey are great for around the house or more casual type things, but i certainly cannot go putting on heels with them now!!
(Like i did that anyways....lol!)

I just REALLY hate putting my legs into them and getting snagged up on the hole! Ugh, argh!

So... i'm patching them. Gotta make them last!

I do know what is causing this to happen... it's all these blasted diaper changes! I've never used a change table (although i can see the merit in one now) and have always just changed the kiddos on the floor. While that is the safest for kiddos, it apparently is not the safest thing for my jeans' knees or my budget!!~

An EXTRA reason to get the little guy potty trained (he's trying hard and lots!).

I *thought* i'd simply be saving money on diapers with both kiddos trained, however it seems there is another cost i'll be saving money on too.

Guess this is why Mom's wear sweatpants??


ps* Craft swap anyone?


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Does it count that it's 11:35am and I'm still in my long johns?
Unknown said…
I REALLY want to see that picture in full size! The one you use here.

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