The 'Let Down'

This week seems to be dragging it's arse. Is it just me??

Hallowe'en has come to an end for another year (only the candy will live with us much longer!) and now the year is gearing up for it's BIG finale! I have to say, this year i am EXTRA excited to dive into Christmas; last season we were ridden with flu the entire holiday! Christmas, sadly, just passed us by.

My two little chuckleheads have a much greater understanding of Christmas this year and for that alone, i can't wait! Read that however you may; our Bible study this year has been rather extensive (Jesus' name might have more purpose?), or the kidlets just might have fine-tuned their paper-ripping skills? We'll see!?!

I'd love to just go get a tree, decorate and sing carols for the next 8 weeks or so... but with two kids under the age of 3.5yrs, that kind of lead up might be horrible! Oh well, the yummy foods, parades, 'getting the tree' and all things MERRY... i suppose it can all wait a few weeks yet??? Right?

I know....

How about i leave it up to you?

You tell me all the fun things you and yours do on this 8 week venture up to Christmas.

I want to know ideas for :

~kids crafts (because i'll have to keep them busy!)

~ homemade gifts (for kids and adults)

~ holiday baking recipes (because eating too many calories is a right of passage at Christmas)

And, if you'd like to share any special traditions your family does, i would love to hear about that as well! While we all have family traditions from growing up, there are always ways to improve and keep the old stuff exciting!

Happy Holidays to you all... because things really just get so gosh darn busy from here, i might forget! wink*

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Lee Ann said…
Oh Sami! This might just be my most favourite blog post EVER! I have a load of things I want to add ! You may have given me my Christmas mojo back! I am sooooo going to give this a good though so I can answer all in one comment rather than keep having to come back to say and and and and !

Lee Ann said…
did you just know I would be first??
kate said…
We do a lot of homemade gifts!
some of my favourites:

Kid-painted bird feeders with a bag of seed

Homemade hot cocoa mix with a kid-decorated mug (you can buy special mugs with markers at art stores - that way they are washable!)

jams and chutneys (you know this already :))

Homemade bath salts that smell like xmas desserts

this year i think we're going to get some soap making stuff and make personalized soaps with toys inside!!
Unknown said…
bird feeders kate? i'm shocked! LOL

Great ideas so far all!

LeeAnn~ glad i got your mojo going again!

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