Happy Friday!

Thank goodness for Fridays!

Yesterday was the most horrible day ever! I'm not quite sure what was up with my children, but whatever it was, the day was agonizingly long and went something like this:

fight, stealing anothers toy, crying for no reason, i want the blue cup--NOT the red one!!


timeout (sometimes 2 at once!).


I talked ALOT yesterday. And i know that most people probably do tune me out from time to time (la di da), but seriously, nothing i said mattered. Whiny, yucky...ugh!

Bedtime was so far away all day! Even as i dressed them in pj's, it was still too far. But like good little kiddos (finally!), once in bed, i did not hear a peep.

I drank a beer, watched some tv, sewed a bit, harvested some crops in "Farmville" and went to bed. Deciding and knowing, that tomorrow is another day. It can't be that bad again?

X cried out twice last night. Not enough to need me, but unusual is all. Then, this morning around 755am, he awoke crying again! Boo!

When X was little, waking up crying was a 'normal' thing. He seems to have outgrown it, but now when it happens, X doesn't seem to have a 'great' day. Sorry.... we ALL don't!! LOL

Anyhow, we sit at 935am...Beebo is STILL sleeping and X is lying on the floor with his blanket watching tv (he even turned it on himself!).

Happy Friday...i'll keep telling myself this... maybe, just maybe it'll help get me thru today! Gulp!


ps~ as i finished writing this, Beebo woke up. Within minutes she is a bag of tears...yikes!


CanadianMama said…
Eek! Hopefully it turns around :-)
Here's hoping for a better day today!
legend_018 said…
oh boy I can relate.

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