Another Food Confession

I have professed my love for Ketchup Chip via Ode. I have also professed my insane love of Pepperoncinis by the jar on this blog. In the grande scheme of things, I do not overeat much of anything. If I could choose chocolate or salty chips, CHIPS would win hands down every time. But lately, I seem to want to consume massive amounts of Sour Keys (a.k.a- Sour Soothers) and no matter how much they torture my tongue and cheeks, I keep scarfing them back. Best plan at the moment is to not have them in my possession... apparently, I lack all self control around these sour treats.

I know they are not good for me. Yep, I do. I know that too much sugar will rot my teeth or end up as padding on the hips.

But they are soooooo good!

What crazy food can you not get enough of??


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