Wordless Wednesday ~ Oh the Things One Sees While Driving...

It's a dog...
It's a cat...

No, it's 3 Parrots!

To say I did not stare long would be lying.
I blatantly starred at these folks for a really long time!

But I mean, really, who drives around with 3 parrots and does not expect to be gawked at??

Los Angeles, California - March 2012.

*Peek Thru Our Window is in no way poking fun at these folks. We were truly intrigued. The parrots sat so comfortably and were obvious pros at road tripping. Beebo loved every minute of it as she is a huge parrot lover!*

Another fine display of birds in which Beebo fell in love:

The Enchanted Tiki Room- Disneyland, California


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