Sunday In My City: A Mother-Daughter First

It was Beebo's birthday earlier this week, so in lieu of a BIG birthday bash (last years party shaved years off my life!) we decided to go for a Mother-Daughter Mani/Pedi.  It was the first time either of us had this experience.  I am not sure why I've never had a Mani/Pedi before, but for the amount of work the poor fella had to do to get me in tip-top shape, I'm pretty sure it was long overdue.

Beebo, like most little girls, is fascinated by painted nails.  Though she asks often if I will paint her nails, I often say no. (I'm so mean!)  I knew that she'd love this experience, even if her wiggly little body had trouble sitting still and she had to learn the hard way about polish smudge.  I also may have left sooner than my nails were dry due to Miss Impatient-Pants...  but that's what foam flip-flops and toe separators are for!

All in all, it was a fun way to celebrate a birthday!

Unknown Mami
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What memorable activity did you do to celebrate a birthday instead of throwing a party??


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