The Dumb Thing I Did...

Looking back upon the incident, I'm still in shock that it even happened.  And, until now, I haven't even thought about it one more time because I really, really, cannot believe that it happened TO ME.  I mean, I was being totally careful and cautious!  I also recall hearing DaddyO's voice in the back of my head at the time telling me that it was indeed a horrible idea. (Sorry Honey!)

I was at the beach in San Diego watching the kids play in the sand. (You see where this is going?)  I had brought my camera along with me to take pictures of my kids frolicking in the waves and building monster sand castles.  The wind kicked up, so I put my camera on the towel covered up by one of the corners. (Hello, where was the ziploc??)  I did not want sand to get into my camera after all.  Then it became too windy to continue at the beach entirely and the kids and I hurried to get out of the sandy wind storm.  That's when it happened...

Grabbing for the towel I heard a plunk!  With speedy hands I scooped my camera from the sand.  It appeared to be fine.  Maybe.  

Once back inside the condo, I realized the camera was not fine.  Not even a little bit fine.  I fired off an email to Panasonic in hopes they could tell me what to do to fix it.  Their response?  "You know that camera is not sandproof, right?"

Well, duh.  Pretty sure they had a chuckle that day on my behalf. ;)

RIP Little Panasonic.

While DaddyO has high hopes of fixing you via some You Tube tutorial, I am pretty sure this moment will go down as one of the dumbest things I've ever done. 


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