Baking Tip 101: Cupcake Flare

I stumbled across these at the grocery store when I was getting Cherry Cheesecake supplies for Beebo's birthday.  They were pretty and had a few neat features.

~Vibrant colours/patterns that won't fade.
~Foil lined for easy release.
~No need for a muffin pan, simply place on a cookie sheet!

My muffin tins are a little worse for wear these days.  (I abuse them making Yorkshire Puddings.)  So I was excited at the prospect of just placing the soon-to-be-cupcakes on a cookie sheet-- plus, I could make way more cupcakes at one time.  The last few times I had purchased a decorated paper,  the patterns had dyed themselves on to my muffin tins!  Argh. I did not like that at all!

Fill the foil cups just over half full.  They'll round out and be beautiful, like the ones below!

Don't fill the foil cups 3/4 full
Or you'll end up with a whole bunch of conjoined cupcakes!

Overall, I really liked this product and would definitely purchase them again.  I liked that they maintained their structure and were very easy to remove.  The cups also come in many different patterns and colours-- lots of choice!  This foil lined cup takes your baking presentation up a notch, without breaking the bank. (I paid $2 for 36.)  This time I had an idea in mind of how I was going to decorate the cupcakes, but if you're searching for ideas, Reynold's Kitchen has some really fun stuff. (This is the U.S link. The Canadian site is coming soon!)

My daughter loved the cupcake Garden I made for her birthday party!  Complete with worms!

*Peek Thru Our Window was not compensated or asked to produce this post.  Just passing on a fun tip to all bakers out there! *


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