Friday, January 28, 2011

How To Cook Lasagna In Your Dishwasher???

(Dishwasher lasagna pic- taken from WikiHow)

You 'read' me correctly!

Check out the link HERE.

I promise it won't disappoint! 

And, i just may have to try this one out...

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Special Edition- Pictures From Before the Days of Blogging

So i was thinking the other day that i likely start my sentences with 'so' too often..., that it would be fun to show you some pictures from pre-blog.  Life in my 20's was certainly a fun time, and upon review of some of those pictures, i got REALLY excited!   The pictures i usually show you are small glimpses into our life now.  Some are of the kiddos, some of my plants, some of food and sometimes of things i do with friends.  But i take a lot of pictures generally and yes, those do end up on my Facebook (which not all of you are privy to);  however, the time has come and i'd like to share some of them with you.

These pictures i will post as 'small' in view, but please, simply click on them if you'd like to see them in a larger view.  I won't offer up too much story on each.  Hopefully, they'll tell a tale all on their own.  A few pictures are from present day (read: life with kids), and do include newer friends.  These 'newer' friends in my life, are helping to make Alberta feel like home.  And a few faces in these pictures, have been around forever.  These peeps are still around because they rock!   (There are many pictures i would love to include, but they are not scanned and are from the days of 'film')

These are the pictures that make me truly happy!

Feel free to ask me anything, about any of them.

Hanging around the 'Frat' house-- yes, that is what i said.

Tar-bending in Newfoundland-- 4am crazies!

My beautiful, sunshiney girl!

DaddyO and MommyO back when we were dating.
(Don't we look young?)

My bestest friend in the entire world!
There is no one like her.

This friend thought i needed a necklace to jazz up my outfit...
(man i look wasted!  and i don't remember this, LOL)

Proof that we do clean up nice, however.
You can visit Normurai HERE.

In-law sibs... perhaps the floor of the Orlando airport?

Beebo, meeting Xman.

Dh's best buddy.

Completing our drive from St. John's, Newfoundland-
making a new life in Alberta!

 Bahamas mon!

A man from the North, sitting next to Beebo.

Bahamas...Steadfast Ahoy -ing!

A story i am STILL in search of...
i wish i could remember.
(Bartending in Newfoundland is awash of memories-
READ: too much fun!)

BonJovi night in Cowtown.
Not the smartest place to be plunking our butts...

An online buddy, that i happily now call, 'friend'.

Becoming an Aunt.

DaddyO feeding Xman, while Beebo and i
searched for the perfect pumpkin!

Monkey see- Monkey do!

Tongue pierced. Nuff said.

Xman wigging-out!

My Sister- pals.

A wedding day shot.
Some say, it is my 'Audrey Hepburn' picture.
Wedding Day Love. <3

Bartending- Mardi-Gras/Hallowe'en in Newfoundland.
ps- the gal on the right i think of often. She is no longer with us.

I hope you found this amusing.
And perhaps, you've gleaned just a bit more about me?
My head is swirling with emotions of days gone by....
if ONLY i'd been blogging back then.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

All i'll say is.... Moose!
And, Thank You Danielle!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Signature "Issues"

I am having issues with MyLiveSignature signature.
The problem is, it is not showing up.

(It should be appearing at the top of this post??)

often appears only a an 'X'.

I'd love some suggestions on how i can make a signature on my own?
Please point me in the direction of great sites for making a signature, if you know of any.

Thank You in Advance.

*Who wants to bet my signature appears both times in this post, as it should?? Sometimes i just need to proclaim the problem out loud for things to fix themselves!*

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunday In My City~ Airborne

A fantastic opportunity presented to fly over our house...

and into the Rockies!

Xman was a little apprehensive about the tiny plane...
but had a super time!  Even took a short nap!

(leave a comment to fill in X's bubble...)

Unknown Mami

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We're still pretty terrible at skating...nuff said.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tell Me Tuesday

Tell Me Tuesday with Canadian Mama
Hosted by Canadian Mama

Hey y''s Tell Me Tuesday time! It has definitely been awhile, but CanadianMama is ready to play again (she has settled into life with baby#2 now). We have missed her!

Okay, this week Rebecca of Just Another Blog left me a question asking why the heck Calgary is known as "Cowtown"?   I know i throw the term around half-hazardly in this blog, but i have not ever really explained it.  So here goes...

Calgary is lovingly referred to as "Cowtown", because it is a nod to our beef-cattle industry. Ranching is at the heart of this city, hosting the Stampede (the World's largest rodeo payout!) yearly-- and if you are one of Calgary's 'special' visitors (dignitary/musician), you will be greeted at the airport with a gorgeous White Stetson hat! We like to think of ourselves as the Cowboys of the West (i know, Cowboys in Canada??), but we really aren't donning our hats all that much these days.

So, how about you?

Where you live, does your city/town have a nickname?
Why or how did it acquire that nickname?

*Feel like joining in?
Simply visit CanadianMama @ Just Another Mom Blog, add the 'Tell Me Tuesday' badge into your post, and ask away!*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Monday- Money for Nothing

I really, really wish i could show you the video.
However, it has been completely banned from viewing in Canada.

All over ONE complaint.

What do you think?? 
Are we getting just a wee silly??

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Sunday, January 16, 2011