Sunday In My City- Say What?

Good Grief. We've done it!

My side of the family has always been a fan of Christmas.
Like, Clark Griswold-style fan.

However, over the years i have been muted somewhat by the hubby.
(Who, for what it is worth, is getting more and more into Christmas each year!
Perhaps it is the work of those munchkins?)

This year, we will not be having a 'real' tree due to travel.
So, after purchasing a 'reusable' tree (which is soooo much GREENER!),
we were all just too excited to put the darn thing up.
(Plus, this marks the first Christmas where both kids
knowingly are anticipating the season!)

Xman got to pick one ornament to add to our tree this year...
Is anyone *shocked* by his choice??

Miss Beebo chose, Rapunzel. 
We had just been to see a preview showing of Disney's Tangled.

We needed a new tree topper this year and while at the Disney store,
 i fell in love with this!
(Beebo loves fairies,  but my side of the family also happens to be very into 'Disney'. 
 Okay, i give in, i give in!!)


The finished product!

Unknown Mami

Be sure to visit our lovely host  Unknown Mami !

So on this Sunday, we're all dressed for Christmas!
A tad (HA!) early for sure.

Now i am wondering...will i even be able to live with it all until Christmas??

PSST~ We saw a preview showing of Disney's Tangled this weekend
and LOVED it!  It was fabulous for kids and adults alike!
Oh yeah, bring some Kleenex along!

Check out the trailer here!
In theatres, November 24, 2010.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Sonya said…
WOW you guys rock for putting he tree up right now!! loving the ornaments! just beeautiful :)
Rebecca said…
I put our tree up on Wednesday and am so excited and pleased because the kids helped (put about 5 ornaments on one branch then moved on to the next branch) put all the ornaments on the tree which I then rearranged a bit later (and am still doing so). I want to get those pretty gold/silver/whatever color beads to put on our tree. It needs something more.

I want to put outside lights on the house but Mr Scrooge (my husband) refuses and I'm terrified of ladders.
Melissa said…
Your tree looks great. And, I feel like I'm ready to put up the decorations now, but alas, I will wait until Thanksgiving Day (our new little family tradition since we have zero fam to celebrate with-gives up something to do lol).

And, Grace and I watched the Tangled commercial a few times yesterday on the computer and can't wait to see it.
CanadianMama said…
I love the truck decoration - too funny! You think he'll leave it on the tree though?
Unknown said…
So far so good!
He has moved it around the tree a few times, but he hasn't played with it.
It is a good test for making him & her understand ornament vs. toy.

If i said he could play with it- he would not say no! LOL
Marla said…
Your tree looks great and I LOVE your Tinkerbell topper.
Pamela said…
The tree topper is the BEST!! The whole tree looks wonderful!!
I am jealous your tree is already up...I must wait until at least Dec.1 because we buy a real tree.
Joanna Jenkins said…
I still have my Halloween decorations up-- I better get a move on it :-)
Your tree looks great.
Happy SIMC, jj
I haven't even heard of Tangled. I love the tree topper.
Amy DM said…
I love the Disney theme you've got going on.
Happy SIMC
Love the ornaments The Tonka truck is so cool.

We saw Tangled this past weekend. What a fantastic movie.Yes, I needed some Kleenex,lol.
Dumb Mom said…
Tree? Already? I wish I could convince Dumb Dad to save my floors, and my vacuum by getting an artificial tree. He insists on the whole tradition of the real one, but I like how the artificial ones can show up so much earlier and not make so much of a mess!
DontSayHurry said…
Oh my... you did it! First have to buy a new one cus our died last year... our doggy broke it :(

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