Wordful Wednesday

This was Beebo, only one year ago.
Eventhough things started out terrible, she LOVED skiing!

This is Xman, a few nights ago.
Trying on his skiis and boots for the first time!

I wonder what the season will hold for him?
(He walked around the house for quite awhile like this,
and was so excited!)


CanadianMama said…
Super cute!

You need to do wordful wednesday though because wordless wednesday isn't supposed to have words silly :)
Unknown said…
Tee hee--oopsy, i called it the wrong thing!
Easy enough to fix...
stacie said…
I bet they are going to have a blast.
Matty said…
So little and they have already done something I never did. I have never even worn a pair of snow skis let alone actually ski.

Water ski, yes. But I've never been on the slopes.

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