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Last week, i tried to warm up thinking about Spirits (of the liquor kind!). With the Egg Nog season upon us, i wanted to know what you'd all be drinking?   Apparently, the nearly-done pregnant ladies that follow have been thinking about just this, lol! But the rest of you?? Hmm...

One person said they'd enjoy some hot cocoa or tea. And well me, what will i be drinking?

I am sure i'll have a glass of vino or even a rum n'nog...
but i sure hope to be slurping back some HOMEMADE RUMTOPF~!

My mother-in-law does not know this quite yet, but i hope to find her stash and hide myself away!  Tee-hee!  Hop on over to her blog, Steadfast Ahoy, to read all about the yummy-rummy goodness!

Tell Me Tuesday This Week:
I NEED cookie recipes!  Cookie recipes of all kinds!  Heck, just tell me what kind of cookies you love and that will help me make some decisions.  I will be hosting a cookie-exhange, so i'd like something super easy and Nut-free (we just cannot take chances these days).

A link will do...or if you have the time, simply share your recipe in the comments.  Please let me have your Grandma's shortbread recipe??



Rebecca said…
My mom has this sugar cookie recipe that is amazingly delicious and is a bit of a secret. Sometimes my tongue gets loose and I tell, but it's different than all the rest and I've searched high and low to find one like it but it's different.....and oh so good. The best sugar cookie I've ever had. Passed down from my great-grandmother. Don't know where she got it though.
Ian said…
Anonymous said…
uh-hum.... i have been searching for a good sugar cookie recipe!!! have tried and tried and for some reason they never turn out!!!!! Arent they supposed to be super easy to make??!! :-/
Rebecca said…
Yes they are easy to make. You can either roll them and slice them to be smallish circles, or you can roll out the dough and use cookie cutters. Super light and flaky and melt in your mouth oh so good.
Heather said…
I found the best sugar cookie recipe in Today's Parent magazine last year. I LOVE them and they're easy to make.
Oh, and I would say the almond should NOT be optional. :)
Matty said…
The only rum I like is coconut rum. Goes nicely with coke.

Chocolate chip, baby.....chocolate chip.

I didn't know she is your MIL. Dang.
Outnumbered said…
I always make these chocolate graham cracker cookies with condensed milk...we just call them Eagle Brand cookies.
And gingerbread cookies (the only ones DH will touch!) and nuts and bolts mix.

If you *really* want any of the recipes, you know where to find me!

No recipe, but I like snickerdoodles.
Pamela said…
Check out this page:

Everything you ever needed here!!
Rebecca said…
I gave you an award. Check out my site to see the award and share it with others.
CanadianMama said…
Sorry, all mine have nuts in them!
Joy said…
This is the most amazing shortbread in the world!!!!

1 lb butter, softened
1c icing sugar
1/2c cornstarch
3c flour
1 tsp vanilla

*Mix butter and icing sugar together using electric beaters. Add vanilla. Mix flour and cornstarch together and gradually add to butter mixture. Mix until well blended ( I usually use my beaters for 10 minutes, it makes such a difference). Drop by tsp onto cookie sheets. Bake at 350F for 12-15 mins or until edges are light brown.

When I make these during Christmas I usually top with half a green or red candied cherry. I hope you love them!!! :)
kate said…
I will send you my often-requested spice cookie recipe.

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