Royal Canin Selective- Discovery Pack Giveaway Winner!

This was a fun giveaway!  I appreciate the little tales about your cats, eventhough not all of you were eligible to win.  I truly hope the winning cat has as much fun doing their taste test, as my own cats did.

I know i am a little late in getting this giveaway result out, but i was playing with the website.  Two giveaways in, i need a better way (and fairer way) of finding a winner.  I really did not think there would be so many darn options or kinds of 'true random number generators', but there was.  I think i've got things sorted now.

Two cats qualified to win-

1. A Maine Coon named Cyrus. (Alberta)  C/o Bo.
2. Shiska. (British Columbia)  C/o Nerissa.

And the winner of a Royal Canin Discovery Pack
(plus coupon for a free large bag!)
using is-

I'll be in touch soon!


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