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YAY- it's time for Tell Me Tuesday again!

Alright.  So i know that it is like half way through Tuesday, but the lady that hosts this awesome meme did not have her post up!  (It's okay CanadianMama, i really thought you were having your baby today!  LOL Btw, be sure to visit her Tell Me Tuesday to wager a guess which day she might really have her baby on??)

Last weeks Tell Me Tuesday was super fun!  I loved hearing about all the different BEST EVER costumes!  I especially loved those costumes that Mom's worked so hard on. ;)  We had a few sexy offerings;  think, the girls from Robert Palmers video "Simply Irresistable" and a Hooters girl.  Some group dressing up;  A quartet of Wizard of Oz characters and a Fallopian Tube Swim Team.  A racecar driver (Mario Andretti) and a Parrot to round out the list.  Unfortunately, i was a pretty sad dresser-upper as a child and more often than not, went as a 'Punk Rocker'.

One commenter however, had me in stitches laughing!!....And if you follow her blog, you'll know that she does indeed leave good comment.

Thanks for playing along!

Tell Me Tuesday This Week:
Now, with Hallowe'en out of the way for the year we are in the homestretch to Christmas!  EEK!  If you have not started your Christmas shopping yet, times a wastin' and days are running out!  So- i want to know, how organized are you??  Have you been stockpiling Christmas gifts since June, or will you be running around last minute on Christmas Eve trying to finish up??

(For some awesome gift ideas and giveaways, pop in to ThisBird'sDay,
for her annual event- 12 Days of Christmas!)


Danielle S said…
Stockpiling for sure! 1 more gift to go except for the preschool teacher...that one will require some good ideas!
I am not organized and I don't plan on becoming organized anytime soon.

This year will be last minute for sure.
CanadianMama said…
I'm almost done. It's not that I'm organized so much as I'm cheap. When I see good deals I buy them and hold on to them. This year I've tried really hard to be done early though because I don't think I'll have time once baby comes!
starnes family said…
Pretty much done! I shop year round. Easier on the budget and it allows me to buy more of what people want.....rather than getting something purely out of obligation.
Pamela said…
Usually by now I am all done and presents are wrapped and all!! BUT this year I only have few put away SO my goal now is to be done by Dec. 1...we will see how it goes.

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