2010 Canadian Weblog Awards Nominee

Okay, the time has come... help me win Canada's Weblog Awards
for People's Choice!

Vote between November 21 and November 28, 2010.  (Only TWO days left!!!)  You can only vote once per computer (can also vote from your cell phone if web enabled), and all voters, Canadian citizens are not, are welcome to participate. The five finalists will be announced on December 1st.


Unknown said…
Oh Sami, it looks like you are out in front on this one. Good for you.
Matty said…
You got my vote, and it said you were way out in front at 56%. You go girl!
Pamela said…
Voted for you too!!
Good luck!!
Sonya said…
Yippee you are in the lead..voted :)

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