Something i whipped up....

Shredded carrots
Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet Yellow Banana Pepper
Dried Cranberries
Golden Delicious Apples

Tossed in a light dollop of Pure Sesame Oil.



starnes family said…
Well done!

Just saw your temps and snow report. Jealous!
Unknown said…
Yes--it was actually +26C yesterday....
and today it is snowing!

No wonder i had a wicked headache!
That sounds so good! You are making me hungry. I think it's lunch time,lol.
Get over here and feed me now!
Matty said…
My wife would love that.
Marla said…
Sounds and looks delicious.
Unknown said…
Delicious and nutricious.
(Where is spell check on this thing?????)
Joy said…
That looks amazing :) mmmm

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