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Last week, i asked you all to Tell Me what your favourite Thanksgiving dishes are?  The answers were all so yummy, i almost started cooking right away!  Quite a few of you were perfectly okay with just the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and rolls part;  while Green Bean Casserole,Whole Cranberry sauce, Brussel Sprouts in Butter Sauce and Pumpkin pie also made the list!

Someone suggested she might skip the whole Thanksgiving to-do since it was her birthday  (Totally understandable in my opinion).  While another said she'd be missing Ham and Turkey a LOT this year due to a new vegetarian lifestyle.   

One dish that did surprise me as a favourite (even as i searched for recipes) was Mac n' Cheese.  No one in my family has ever included this, nor the in-law family.  I am not even sure what surprised me about its addition to many menus?

And Stuffing & Lima Beans???  I NEED to hear more about that!~ (especially if i could substitute with Soybeans?)

Our menu this year was:
*Apple & Sausage Stuffing (with pork) 
Homegrown Mashed Red Potatoes
Homegrown Carrots
Green Bean Casserole
Rosemary & Garlic Bread
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Homemade Apple Pie (Thanks CHN!)
*A new recipe attempt this year!

Can we say, stuffed??

I even turned the turkey carcass into soup- phew!
Turkey cravings are now over, till at least Christmas.

Here's hoping your Thanksgiving weekend was as filling as mine- family AND food wise.  (It's okay USA, you'll have your turn soon.)

Tell Me Tuesday This Week:
I am looking for a way to clean all the wood furniture in my house, using only all-natural product (Furniture only and not floors).  Currently i am using Method's Wood For Good, which i like.  The problem:  I have so much wood (all cabinetry etc too) furniture that i can easily use half a bottle at a time!!  I need something more cost effective.

Do you have any good home-made wood cleaning &protecting concoctions you'd be willing to share?

I look forward to your suggestions!



Rebecca said…
my marshmallow frosting.......yum. I'll share in a bit.
My husband makes awesome soup stock with the turkey carcass.
I have no suggestions for you but I would like you to know that I too LOVE the method cleaning stuff. But why is it so blasted expensive? Once I got to cleaning doors with it and ended up going through a whole bottle and a half during that one clean. Boo. Needless to say though, my doors and baseboards and trim were spotless white!

Not helpful, I know.......
Unknown said…
I use Murphy's Oil Soap. I like the smell and it cleans woodwork really well.

I haven't finished yet, but I am tagging you on my post (probably tomorrow). No pressure.

Thanks for the wonderful weekend. It was such a treat! Rosemary
Unknown said…
Your pumpkin cheesecake sounds SO good. ALL of it does really! We won't celebrate until November. My Mom is making a turkey this week and bringing it over on Thursday for family dinner : ) so we can sort of pretend it is Thanksgiving!

What do you think of that method stuff? At the grocery store there is always TONS of that stuff on the aisle. It seems like noone uses it. We use chemicals in our house still. I just got this cleaner called Invisible glass that I am SO in love with!
Marla said…
I love Murphys Oil Soap and have used it for 30+ years. Good stuff.

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