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Last week, i asked you to help me decide whether or not to watch IronMan2 sans Hubby?  He unfortunately was away on business, while i had the pre-ordered blu-ray/dvd in my hot little hands.  Dilemma!!

(3 options presented HERE)

I, like a good wifey, watched regular Tuesday night television and waited to watch it with the Hubster (a.k.a- DaddyO).  On Tuesday night, that was easy.  On Wednesday night, the kids were in bed (thankfully!) and tv was not so good-- I did some other chores, i blogged, but Mr. Downey Jr. was still calling my name.  I was good and just said no.

On Thursday, Hubster arrived home.  Kids fastly asleep, things were all set to watch the newest IronMan adventure.  I saw about 45 minutes in...uh hmm....yep...uh....

Gosh darnit, i fell asleep!

Earlier in the week i had sought help from the Blogosphere and Facebook alike-- ONE person suggested the reason i *should* wait was because, i might actually enjoy this movie only once.  That comment hit home and was actually the decisive moment i WANTED to wait.  And i waited, and i still found it boring. (I've tried a few more times to no avail...)  Bleurgh.

He's (Mr. Downey Jr.)  still so handsome!

Tell Me, Tell Me This Week:

This upcoming weekend in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving.  I'll be cooking a bird, but i am really interested in what your favourite Thanksgiving dishes are??

What things do you like to cook for family this holiday?


Liz Mays said…
Sometimes even Robert Downey Jr. can't save a movie.

I'm looking forward to whole cranberry sauce!
Mrs. M said…
Oh no! I can totally relate to that though!! :)

I love stuffing and cranberries. This will be my first official holiday season as a vegetarian, so I will likely miss my ham and turkey. But not enough to eat any. Enjoy!!
starnes family said…
Absolutely the stuffing and lima beans. Lima beans are my fave!
I don't think we're having Turkey this year and I don't care one little bit. It's my birthday on Sunday and my parents aren't coming into town. I don't want to host the big day on my birthday (or anywhere near my birthday) and I know no one in my family is going to step up and do it so I may just eat Taco Salad on Sunday since that's my fave.

I really liked Iron Man 2. And Downey ALWAYS saves the movie. He's dreamy......
Macaroni and Cheese... 5 cheeses(incl. Muenster) yum yum!!
I'm looking forward my own cranberry sauce and also Brussel Sprouts with butter sauce. Yes, I 'm weird....and of course Costco pumpkin pie with tons of whipped cream.
CanadianMama said…
We always have to have homemade, fresh from the pumpkin, pumpkin pie. It's a tradition since my grandma still did Thanksgiving and it's everyone's favorite!

And then the usual: turkey, potatoes, etc!
Pamela said…
Home made Stuffing is what we all LOVE and enjoy!!
Myself I just LOVE pumpkin pie, but I am the only one eats it!!
My hubby and father in law go crazy for the turkey soup I make the next day.
Unknown said…
Gary O. has introduced us to an alternative to the usual green bean casserole: Broccolin casserole. Yummy. I foresee a new annual favorite coming on.

Dee said…
My sister-in-law always makes hot artichoke and cheese dip to snack on with the appetizers before the big meal itself. It's hard not to fill up on that when it emerges from the oven!
Matty said…
I like the fattening side dishes. Mashed taters and gravy, stuffing, rolls and butter.

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