Sunday In My City~ Faces

Silly Faces...

Sad Faces... eating dinner can be hard some days!

See Mom, i'm really unhappy...

Cutie-Patootie Faces!

Pirate Faces!

Unknown Mami

Whatever face you feel like making this Sunday,
be sure to visit our fabulous host Unknown Mami!


Pamela said…
I must say my favorite is the sad face!! I get that all the time from my son. LOL
starnes family said…
Sweet punkins. Love those little faces!
The "See Mom I'm really unhappy" is precious. I love it! They are so cute.
You have the sweetest little faces at your house! Have a great rest of your weekend!
Steadfast Ahoy! said…
Happy, smiley, funny and sad. Their faces are the most precious. Your's too, of course.
Grimmgirl said…
Oh -- we have lots of sad faces at dinner. Glad to know we're not the only ones.
Unknown Mami said…
That has got to be the cutest most non-threatening bunch of pirates I have ever seen. You are all beautiful!
Joanna Jenkins said…
That sad face kinda melted my heart.
Dee said…
Aww, what were you trying to make him eat? :-)
LOVE your header. So unique. And you photos are pretty darn good too. Cool. I love Sunday's in My City!

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