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Yay, it is time to play Tell Me Tuesday again!

If you've been playing along, last week i asked for your advice on good, natural ways to clean and protect all the wood furniture and cabinetry in my house.

I have to say, it wasn't the best Tell Me Tuesday for an answer i have been in search of! LOL I know Murphy's Oil Soap to be a good product, but is not all natural. I want my kiddos to be able to drink it- might not taste great, but it won't kill them.

Okay, so poor me...still with no awesome answer ... but back with a whole new question!

Tell Me Tuesday this week:

What were you like in highschool??  Have you stayed the same as your highschool self?   If you have changed for the better/worse, what inspired the change?

(I asked this question on my Facebook last week and was absolutely in love with the conversation and truthfulness of all those who answered- let's see how you all do!)


CanadianMama said…
I was super popular and a total bitch. Not a good combo but probably the only way to be super popular. I've apologized to many people over the years about how I treated them in high school.

Now? I try to appreciate everyone and I try really hard to stand up to bullies and fight for the underdog!
Joy said…
I was pretty middle of the road in high school. I was friends with some of the popular crowd and I was friends with some of the nerdy crowd. I was really unsure of myself though (who wasn't in high school) and am still working on that to this day. I think I'm the same person I was back then.
I am very much the same as I was in high school. I think the biggest difference is that I am way more tolerant now of people. Not everything is black and white anymore, I truly believe that people, mostly, have a really good reason for being the way they are. I didn't think that in high school. I thought people were mean and lazy.

I wasn't 'popular' but I had a good solid core of friends I really loved. That is what I am like now. I'm more confident now. In high school I was always worried about how people saw me. Now I couldn't care less.

The magic of growing up.......
I kind of flew under the radar in highschool. I guess I am still the same way. I chose who I hang out with more carefully now though and I don't worry as much about what other people think of me. I'm way more happy just being me.
I was like I am now with much more make-up and dyed red hair.
I used to hang with the IN crowd (mostly due to my best friend and my boyfriend not by my choice), but I wasn't stuck up and I would be-friend anybody. I was known as the funny nice girl. I guess I am still the same most of the time.

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