I've been tagged.

Okay, so i've been tagged. It has been awhile since i have participated in these types of games, but since my mother-in-law @ Steadfast Ahoy is the one who tagged me...i feel i should comply (wink wink- love you Rosemary!).

Yowzers-sheesh! She sure did choose some hard questions...

Here we go!

1. Where would you like to live if you could choose with impunity?

Hmm...i majored in the English Language during University and i still had to look up the word impunity.  Now that i have that out of the way, where would i live?

I like living somewhere that has four seasons (yes, we do have four seasons--just three of them are not very long!).  I could do with more water and sandy beaches, but not necessarily ocean.  Once you have a mountain, you can't not have a mountain.  So maybe, Italy?  I think Italy would be a nice choice.  Plus, a country full of pasta and vino can't be all bad...can it?

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Good grief - i have no idea!  Growing up sounds scary!  I am in denial on this one.

3. What would you change if you could?

Weekends would be longer and we'd all have more vacation time.  Of course, i could say that there would be no hunger and everyone in the world could feel loved... but darnit, this blog is about me! 

4. Who do you admire most and why?

The Queen.  That lady has one heck of a job.  Imagine growing up and being told that you are the future king or queen?  Amazing.

But i do, also, admire my mother-in-law.  She is always learning and that constantly impresses me.  And she obviously, has a better vocabulary than i.

Now...i am to tag a few other lucky souls!

Catherine @ The Dabels Divulge
Casey of California @ The Starnes Family
Matty @ Matty's Thoughts 
Ashley @ Adventures In Vineyardland

And, here are your questions:

1.  What is the nicest thing you have ever done for anyone?
2.  What inspires you?
3.  If you could go anywhere for a vacation and time/money is not an issue, where would it be and what would you do?
4.  When was the last time you were drunk?  In-tox-i-cated.

Have fun with these questions- i do look forward to your answers!

And remember to pass it on....TAG, YOU ARE IT!


Unknown said…
Oh Sami, You're a good sport. I liked the answers to your questions, especially those nice parts about your Super, Adorable, Beautiful, and well-spoken MIL! :)
Love you too. Rosemary
Ashley said…
I think Italy is a good choice! And I totally didn't know what impunity meant either and I was a Journalism major!

Thanks for the tag. I've never done one of these either, but maybe I can try this out this weekend. :)
Matty said…
Yeah, I haven't grown up either. My wife can attest to that. She refers to me as her "other" child.

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