Mommy Moment

Yesterday was one of those days.
One of those days, where all life stops.
And you make the kids go away...

That sounds like life had just come to a boiling point,
and MommyO needed to be alone!

And yes, perhaps that is what happened.
But the purpose and goal were different.

My bedroom had become unruly.
Laugh if you will;
(especially you Mom- tee hee!)
however, aside from sharing it with the Man...
the bedroom, MY bedroom had become a conglomeration of stuff.

I needed this stuff to get out!!
Baskets of laundry,
kids laundry.
Ready to be put away. Sitting.
Piles of dirty laundry.
Four people sure create a lot of laundry,
but why o why, does it all end up here??

YOU do it too, right?
Sacrifice your bedroom...
as the safe hider of mess??

People come over and you whip a laundry
basket of clothes into your room for safe
hiding, until it can later be put away...
BUT, why is it so much harder to go back
and empty that basket?
Why does the task seem so difficult?
Is it pure laziness?

I think my room gets treated like one big
TO-DO list;
save for a rainy day.
Checked into the brain,
filed as yet another thing MommyO must do.

The room builds full of stuff:
hair clips, kiddos blankies, TOYS,
water glasses, clothes to give away,
clothes to keep.


So, yesterday i purged.
DaddyO did the Daddy thing all day
The bedroom is now all mine again!
(I mean, OURS Man.)
I vow to keep it mine (ours).
I vow to never again walk a laundry
basket of gloom into my (our) bedroom,
EVER again.

I love the adult retreat i created yesterday...
let's keep it like that!

Is your bedroom a safe hider of mess?


Liz Mays said…
My basement is the collection zone for everything I don't want to see!
Ashley said…
You just described my bedroom! I blame it on the fact we have small closets in our 1950s house and clothes end up on the floor. I've had bags full of clothes to giveaway sitting by our front door, but even driving to the Goodwill seems like an effort!
Rebecca said…
Actually the kids rooms are the safe hider of messes because when we have company, they put their purses/coats/jackets/etc. . .On our bed. So our room has to be spic and span clean...My kids are only 3 and 5 and everything gets shoved in their drawers, closets, and under their beds. I'm quite clever...everyone expects a kids room to be a pigsty right?
Unknown said…
@Rebecca~ yes, clearly the layout of my house does not help. The bedroom is at the back, where no one really needs to be. It's easy to make it the messy place-
I will FORCE all guests to now put their coats in MY room to avoid the strong urge to re-clutter!!
Anonymous said…
We shove everything in the basement. It looks like a tornado went through most of the time.Lol.
Thanks for stopping by Kat's Confessions! My "Mom Moment Monday" isn't a meme just what I post every Monday. :) I am glad you like it! If you want a few more chuckles there are some good ones in my older posts. :)Have a great day!
TheFitHousewife said…
Actually, our bedroom is the only room on the house that is kid-free zone! That way it stays nice and pretty so I can go to sleep at night wihout stressing about the mess! Usually we put our stuff in the basement before company comes. We have one room down there that is dedicated to odds and I'm starting to sell some of it online!
Unknown said…
I hear ya--i've been taking pictures all morning! Should rake in a nice haul!
Matty said…
The only thing I don't like about doing the laundry, is the folding and putting away part. I try to keep up with mine so it doesn't grow into a mountain when I'm not looking. If I do it more often, I have less to fold and put away each time. At least that's how my simple mind sees it.
Melani said…
I think the more room you have in your bedroom, the more you put stuff like laundry in it. I had the bottom of the crib in there for months and now that it is gone, I have no where to put the laundry basket, so I do laundry in there and then remove it and be done! hahah yes, I have stashed a lot in our bedroom over time and now it is not like that, thank goodness!
YES, it is the laundry zone. However, I turned over a new leaf a few days ago, maybe a week ago. I cleaned up my room. (I'm a messy-room girl since my childhood). And I've been putting away laundry almost immediately. DH's and mine, away right away this week. AJ and Dex's, well, sorted and folded into their laundry bags in waiting for transport.

Good for you for purging! It feels good!
Lee Ann said…
Yes!! I would love a laundry room! Sigh x
My bedroom is a disaster right now. It needs to be purged. It's got all kinds of odds and ends in it.

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