I'm a Tease!

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I completely apologize for tempting you all with the luscious Maple Fudge recipe i posted earlier today. I never once thought that the REAL Maple Syrup part would be a difficult thing to find. Guess i was thinking all Canada-centric...(sorry!)

If you are not lucky enough are not able to use REAL Maple Syrup, you could substitute with a Maple Flavoured extract. In the Maple Fudge recipe, i would use 2 Teaspoons worth.

Hope that helps!


Helen McGinn said…
MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm! I am SO going to make that fudge below! xx
who would have thought you couldn't find maple syrup! lol
Rebecca said…
How many US Dollars would that real maple syrup cost? It's frightfully expensive here.
Unknown said…
This Maple Syrup from Costco runs about $14 CDN dollars. ($13.50 US dollars)

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