Sunday In My City~ Life All Around Me

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Ivy (that came from nowhere- i did not plant it!), finding strength in a nearby Sunflower (that i did plant!). There are also Sweet Peas in the picture and they, were the ones supposed to go up the stem.
"We all need somebody to Lean On..."

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Bird Heaven!
As in- Birds do not die here and go to Heaven, this bird hangout just simply IS divine.

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The "Mystery Plant" from a few months back, about to divulge its secrets!

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And finally, my beets.
They had some pretty nice leafage... darn Deer.
I'll get you Bambi!

just kidding...or am i?

Unknown Mami

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Happy Sunday!
(Go Netherlands!)


Lynn said…
I share your frustration with the deer! I never had this problem in Huntington Beach!
Sonya said…
Fabulous photos this week! Im sorry about the deer!
Liz Mays said…
Those really look like lilies to me. My asiatic lilies have those leaves and buds!
kate said…
ivy looks like it could be a morning glory.

i think your "mystery plant" is a type of lily.

Unknown said…
@Kate- you know, i was thinking that? AND it is growing everywhere all over my property! Still getting to know my land. When i moved in, the gardens were in complete disarray!
May said…
You have such a beautiful garden and beets!! My My. The mystery plant sure looks like lilies. Am definitely gonna come back to see what the secret plant is!! :-)
Rebecca said…
Nice photos.......and the Deer....put up a fence? Or will they just jump over it?
Anonymous said…
Lol. Poor Bambi! He better watch out!
Amy DM said…
Nice garden. Happy SIMC from Zambia.

BTW, I was supporting Spain. LOL
JennyMac said…
Gorgeous pics! And we always heard the best deer deterrent was male urine in a circular pattern around your plants. ICK I know but apparently, it works.
BLOGitse said…
Thank you for giving a hint why it's good to live in center of the city - no deers! :)
Sunny SIMC greetings from Casablanca!

qandlequeen said…
I agree, I think your mystery plant is a lily. Can't wait to see what blooms.
Bambi better watch out!

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