Sundays In My City~ Celebrating Our Home!

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Our Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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The Calgary Stampede begins later this week (watch for my post!)...

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and these are their lovely horses and ladies to remind us all of the impending Yeehaw!!

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THIS car, i saw go by at the parade. Didn't give it much thought. Upon looking at my photos for review, i finally GOT the message! Geesh, only took me a few beers!
(See, bears very well might be an issue in Canmore...what's up with 'bare'?)

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Very clever name for a Senior Citizen hiking group--the Meanderthals!

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Beautiful coach.

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The hilarity in having so many horses a part of the parade!

Unknown Mami

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I hope that all my American friends are having a truly joyous 4th of July today!

Celebrate, Celebrate!


I love those pictures.

I forgot my camera this year so no parade pictures for me.

Hope you had wonderful Canada Day.
Anonymous said…
Here comes the party! Nice pictures. Love the mountains in the background. Have a fun Stampede!
Unknown said…
Oh my gosh Sami! Meanderthals! That is TOO clever and creative. Totally and completely made me smile. Love. Love. LOVE it : )

I am so glad you celebrate where you live. Canada is a very beautiful place!
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated Canada Day to you too! I am looking forward to your posts on the stampede! I won't be going to the Calgary one but we always go to the Medicine Hat Stampede. So much fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Lee Ann said…
Great pics, I think my fa ve is the one with the kids watching. happy Sunday xx
Organic Girl said…
What wonderful pictures. Thank you for stopping by! Have a great Week!
Matty said…
What a colorful parade, and I just love the backdrop of the mountain range.

You captured some rather funny moments. Gotta love the guy watering the flower in the equestrian poop.

I took a go-zillion pictures of our parade this afternoon. Maybe sometime in the next decade I'll get around to posting some.
Sonya said…
Fantastic shots! There are a ton of Canadians in The Netherlands and they had a big celebration in Amsterdam. Happy Belated Canada Day!
Rebecca said…
I totally had problems seeing anything but those gorgeous mountains in the background.
Marla said…
Hey Sami Joe ~ Love the photos. Looks like so much fun!
starnes family said…
Do you ever take that gorgeous scenery for granted?

Meanderthals is hilarious!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Parades are the greatest! But I learned at a young age that if I was going to IN a parade I was going to be BEFORE the horses :-)

Happy SIMC,
Melani said…
I am behind in my blog reading...these are wonderful shots! I love the mountains, too!

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