Happy Friday!

Isn't it completely awesome to receive an email from someone you ONLY know through the Blogosphere, containing something that THEY think will interest you??

When something like that happens,
it makes the whole blogging thing worthwhile.

Thank you Matty for thinking of me when you came across this!!

Make sure you visit Matty for some of his thoughts, or my absolute favourite- his Weekend Reflections!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Matty said…
Well dang girl, I didn't expect a whole shout out over it. LOL

But thank you anyway Sami, I appreciate it. Ever since I started blogging, I realized that as I got to know other people through this venue, random things I came across would make me think of other bloggers.

And this video just shouted....."SamiJoe".
I love that video. My son made me post it on Canada Day,lol.
Unknown said…
I've never seen that one before. Cool. I'm glad to be Canadian too. Rosemary

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